We are a data driven marketing agency and we always want to be able to substantiate our decisions. That’s why we value market research, without data making informed decisions is impossible. It’s like walking in the dark without a lantern. You may be going the right way, or you may be walking headfirst off a cliff. Data is our lantern for good marketing, our beacon in the online darkness. By doing thorough research we can see further and make deliberate and profitable choices.

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What we do

Before we make adjustments to your website or get started on your online marketing, we do research. Online marketing research, consisting of an assessment of the current situation, a competitive analysis, and a target audience analysis, grant us insight into your brand/business and the market. Furthermore, doing so shows us where opportunities lie and where profit is to be made. Research rooted in data is the solid foundation on which effective online marketing is built. Whether they be the development of a new website or a Marketing as a Service partnership.

Identify opportunities
Make data driven decisions
Take off to a flying start with MaaS


We always begin our online marketing research by taking inventory. This is a preliminary scan of the current situation. We look over your online activities: what channels do you utilize, what tools do you use, how are they set up and what data is already available? In which areas do you perform online already? This gives us an extensive overview of areas for improvement. Opportunities to seize, optimizations that are necessary, and improvements that will lead to better results.


High impact data research

One of the key advantages of online marketing is that everything is measurable. Making data-driven choices is a best practice. To acquire insights in the data we research the target audience, the market, and the competition. With data-driven marketing as a clear starting point for formulating KPI’s and measuring metric continuously we can make informed decisions, adapt our course of action in a timely manner and achieve results.

Target audience research

Voor effectieve marketing willen we inzicht in je doelgroep en de kansen die daar liggen. Daarom kijken we wie jouw website bezoeken, welke zoektermen die bezoekers gebruiken en via welke kanalen wij ze kunnen bereiken. Die gegevens vertellen ons waar bezoekers vastlopen of afhaken en waar ze behoefte aan hebben. Zo kunnen we daar doelgericht op inspelen en marketing bedrijven die perfect in de smaak valt bij jouw doelgroep.

Competitive analysis

We’ll map out your most important competitors and look at their best practices. This is why we look at examples of top performing websites when it comes to SEO and UX, as well as the best performing competitors on social media. We also research competitiveness in the area of advertising. Subsequently, we determine what we can learn from this and what opportunities are available to you for surpassing your competitors.


Analysis & advice

All the insights and data from our research are collected in a final conclusion and our recommendations. This way you’ll know exactly which steps will have the greatest impact on your online marketing efforts. Our recommendation will be the guideline for all further actions and the creation of a strong online marketing strategy.

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