The compass for your website

The first step in the realisation of your web design is determining your strategy. We’ll use this to put a dot on the horizon, the goal. With this we determine where we want to go and chart a course to the destination. Strategy is a compass that points to this dot on the horizon.

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What we do

In the first phase of a web design project we’ll discuss the goals you want to achieve and how your website will contribute to them. What are your wants and needs? And, perhaps even more important, what are the wants and needs of your target audience? Together, we’ll determine what is needed for a minimum viable product (MVP), so we can take the most important components on board right from the start.

Determine your goals
Make data driven decisions
Choose the right options

Data- driven decision making

We base the strategy on data and user insights from your current website, as well as the search behaviour of the target audience. Because of this we start by doing extensive research into the needs, behaviour, and expectations of users. After all, it’s all about their experience. We find connections within the data and come up with conclusions based on this. This collected data gives our designers a starting point to work from. On top of that, they’ll know what to put emphasis on (in the first phase).

The essence of a good strategy

We fine tune the (new) strategy for a website to your target audience. It’s a long term vision and it’s all about making decisions: you can’t go to the right and to the left at the same time. You make a clear choice to pursue the course of action that best serves your goal.

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