Content marketing

Making music with your message

Content marketing is a broad concept. It could encompass all possible ways with which your message could reach your audience and stimulate (potential) customers to convert. The content should always match your message you want to convey and the audience you want to reach. That’s why it’s so important to use the right channels and choose the right form of content.

You could compare content marketing to music. Almost all of us love it, but everyone likes something different and we all experience it in our own way. That’s why the same song can evoke a wide range of responses from different people. Content works the same way. Hit the right tone to reach your audience in the right way and to increase conversions on your website.

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The right content strategy: who, what, where and why.

There’s no sense in getting into content marketing if you aren’t yet clear on what you want to tell your audience, exactly because the possibilities are almost endless. So first you should ask yourself: what do you want to achieve, who are you as a business, and who is your customer. Only when we are clear on these points, can we pick up the most suitable instruments to make music for you. If you are unsure of who your target audience is, we will execute a target audience analysis and create a buyer persona for you.

As always in marketing, the See-Think-Do-Care model plays a large role. Potential customers who are still in the See-phase don’t need the same content as customers who are already looking for a specific solution in the Think-phase. That’s why we match our content to each phase in the customer journey, the more relevant and targeted, the better. We’ll make a content plan. This contains all the content we’ll produce based on relevant content pillars (subjects) and the channels on which it will be shared.

Relevant and goal oriented content
More conversions for a limited budget
Stronger customer relations and increased loyalty

Text, image and audio

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of content marketing is text (copy), but in reality there’s a lot more to it. Using images and audio can exponentially increase your story’s power and ability to draw attention. Consumers are demanding and have little patience, dry text may send them running for the hills: reading shouldn’t feel like a chore.

A good copywriter writes texts that are enjoyable to read, but depending on the channel the text may be accompanied by images or videos. That’s why designers also play an important role in producing great content. On top of this, video as a medium is growing in importance, especially on social media.


SEO content

Online copywriters almost always have to take search engine optimization (SEO) into consideration. In order to achieve good organic results and attract relevant new visitors to your website, high rankings in search engines are key. Our SEO-experts will conduct an SEO-analysis for your website and conduct keyword research, based on which our copywriters will write relevant content. This will result in copy that answers the search queries of visitors in a clear and concise way and scores well in Google.


However, content is more than SEO. Storytelling is a useful tool to indirectly sell your brand and/or product. With it you can grab and hold your reader’s attention. It allows you to show the world that you are more than just a seller. You are someone who practices thought leadership through interesting, expertly written copy about your field of specialisation or someone who dives deeper into what makes you stand out in a competitive market.

There is also space for more personal texts that aren’t directly aimed at promoting your product or service, but mainly seek to create a more engaged customer base and stronger brand identity. Good channels for this are blogs or whitepapers. The results may not be visible right away, but storytelling pays off all the more in the long run.


Not what, but why.

The idea that you should focus on what you sell is outdated. Nowadays, it is at least as important to tell people why you do what you do. Consumers are more critical than ever before and care more about a variety of things that you as a company should be aware of. With an authentic and honest story about your motivations and origins, you can stand out from the crowd of competition that only tries to pitch their product. Great examples of companies that are working to make the world a better place are Tony’s Chocolony and the family story of Go-Tan.

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Social media content

Social media is becoming increasingly important with its millions of users, this goes for companies too. So it makes sense to include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest in your content marketing. We make posts with targeted copy and attractive and informative videos and images to reach the right people.

Additionally, social media is ideal for improving customer relations and strengthening your brand. People who already follow you are more open to what you have to say. There is a lot of space here for content on who you are and interaction with your consumers. By hitting the right tone they’ll feel more involved with your company and will be more likely to be loyal when making their buying decisions.


Email marketing

Email marketing is the ideal channel to directly deliver relevant content to (potential) customers. People can of course sign up for email newsletters, but thanks to email automation there are many more targeted possibilities. For example, visitors can be enticed to return to the website and one time buyers can be moved to make additional purchases with attractive offers. With the use of specific copy you can ensure more conversions as well as maintaining a relationship with your target audience.

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