A modern new website for Les Petits

The old Les Petits website was already nearly 10 years old. Both the design and the content of the pages were due for renewal. We drew up a ‘construction plan’ to optimize the website in terms of design, findability and user friendliness.

The request

The Les Petits website was very dated. The request was a new website that puts the parent/child experience at its core. All facets of childcare need to come together on the platform , with the aim of acquiring new customers.

The solution

A new design that was more location driven. Because of this Les Petits attracted higher quality traffic from search engines. Furthermore, the website became more visual and less text based. With focus on good coherence between the different facets of Les Petits such as childcare, toddler care, after school care and homework support.

The result

The homepage now features a Google Maps map, allowing potential customers to see at a glance where the various Les Petits locations are situated. It is possible to filter based on the different types of childcare, by postal code and by address. New photography was added and the texts were condensed without losing SEO-value. The navigation menu has become much clearer, making the various Les Petits services, such as childcare, toddler care, after-school care and homework support, immediately clear. Potential customers can also easily request a tour online.

Goal & strategy

The old website contained a lot of dated SEO-content. Large chunks of text with few visuals. This used to be a good way to rank high in Google, but it was less successful at offering an enjoyable user experience. For the new website a different approach was needed, with more focus on aesthetics and user experience.

The types of day care got clear names, based on the search volume of terms used for different kinds of day care such as childcare, after school care and toddler care.

We advised getting photographs taken for each location, in order to enable website visitors to get a better impression of the day care locations. Additionally, testimonials by parents and staff members were added.

The user experience has also undergone a major overhaul. We determined that it was essential to add conversion options per location, such as requesting a tour or signing up. Additionally, a Google Map with the specific location was added to each page.


Implementation & creativity

The look and feel of the website was also in need of a makeover after ten years. The old website only used one colour, in different shades: purple. The colour purple is part of the Les Petits identity, so of course we held on to it.

We did however choose to add a darker shade of purple, which gave a more professional and trustworthy impression. For secondary  colors yellow and orange were chosen, creating a nice contrast and making the call-to-action buttons clearly pop out.

The Les Petits logo is made up of different icons. We decided to use the individual icons from the logo in a creative way on the homepage.

11,850% increase in guided tours

From only 2 to 239 in one years’ time

Bounce Rate -21.29%

Fewer people left the website immediately

517 sign ups on the website

As opposed to no sign ups on the old website


The new Les Petits website performs many times better. Whereas in the period between 26 September 2018 and 2019 only two guided tours were requested, the new website boosted this number to 239 in a year.