The request

ISOGLAS had already been running Google Ads campaigns for quite a while, with disappointing results. How could these results be improved?

The solution

We discovered that many visitors never got past the landing page. The reason? It was a ‘standard’ SEO page. Meaning the page wasn’t optimized to the needs of the visitors. Based on data our data-analyst, UX-designer and online marketer decided to radically simplify the landing page in a way that only left one possible action, requesting a quotation.

The result

Two months after going live, the new landing page already generated many more conversions by a huge margin. Climbing from 16 to 53 requests to be precise. That’s a 231 per cent increase. Additionally, the bounce rate (the amount of visitors that close the page straight away) was lowered, the quality of leads went up and costs per conversion went down.