Knowledge leadership for Accenture

We consulted on the optimization of conversions on Accenture Insights

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Knowledge leadership for Accenture

The request

An online marketing strategy for Accenture to give their new platform, Accenture Insights, a stronger role in growing their network, sharing their knowledge and establishing themselves as knowledge leaders in the field.

The solution

We consulted on the optimization of conversions on the new Accenture Insights website. The quality of the articles was insufficient and they barely got any views. That’s why we created a visual manual on the implementation of SEO best practices. Additionally, also conducted exploratory market research in the shape of a thematic keyword analysis.

The result

With Goeiezaak.com’s keyword analysis the knowledge leaders of Accenture can get to work on content in a targeted manner. The analysis resulted in one primary keyword per category or theme and underlying secondary keywords that can be used as synonyms in the same articles. By using these keywords in the right way, articles become easier to find and more targeted. The results can be seen in the organic findability, the amount of page views and the average time per session. Nowadays Accenture NL is rated as above average in the area of knowledge leadership.


Follow up

Meanwhile the redesign of the platform has been online for a while. We are focussing our efforts on measuring, optimizing and developing new content. We continue to publish high quality content in collaboration with Accenture Nederland. This way we keep the platform relevant. Additionally, for the foreseeable future, we will mainly focus on improving organic findability and correctly setting up lead statistics.


About Accenture

Accenture is a renowned management consultancy firm with a global proposition. To reinforce this proposition, they have set up the Accenture Insights website. The purpose of the website is to share the knowledge of specialists and knowledge leaders on the internet. Doing so lets them demonstrate their added value and come into contact with potential customers.

Accenture Nederland focuses, amongst other things, on knowledge leadership on current trends in society that influence operations for large organizations. Examples include: Applied Intelligence, Cloud Platforms and Cyber Security. This is given form via the Accenture Insights platform. Here they share fresh perspectives and the latest insights. Powerful content for companies that don’t want to be a follower, but a leader.