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Performing under fire for TABASCO®

Great results on Pinterest within two weeks

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Performing under fire for TABASCO®

Cooking competition: Hottest Chef 

TABASCO® wants to be in every kitchen in the Netherlands. Part of this strategy is their cooking competition ‘Hottest Chef’. The run-up to the competition was already on its way when the entire world was hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Subsequently, TABASCO® was forced to adapt and move the entire competition online. We were brought in with the task of promoting the competition on social media as fast as possible with the aim of reaching as many people and generating as many sign ups as possible.

The request

Moving the cooking competition ‘Hottest Chef’ online and promoting it for maximum reach and sign ups in a short time.

The solution

A strategy where TABASCO® would be visible every day on Facebook and Instagram, in addition to promoting the competition on Pinterest.

The result

Huge reach on Facebook and Instagram, very low CPC on Pinterest. A total of 33 sign ups over two weeks time and a very satisfied customer.

Strategy & implementation

For Facebook and Instagram we made use of paid campaigns, organic posts and promoted posts. Because time was of the essence, we posted every day to generate as much reach as possible. We set up reach-, conversion-, and remarketing campaigns. The campaign posts were aimed at the client’s target audience (men between the ages of 25-35), but with a different angle. Some would show the prize (a trip to Avery Island), others tapped in to current events and called out to cooks that were temporarily out of business, still others were aimed at single men with a bit of a “sexy” touch. 

TABASCO® hadn’t advertised on Pinterest before, but their American branch did have an account with some boards. Because of the time factor we decided to create a new board for the ‘Hottest Chef NL’ challenge, where we posted organic pins and ads. All pins were related to the competition; amongst others we posted recipe videos to inspire the contestants. 

“However, we also saw opportunities on Pinterest, because ‘cooking’ is a hot topic on the platform.“


Average cost per click


Cost per click


Campaign spend


For Facebook and Instagram we had a budget of €2000, with this set up six promoted posts as well as reach and conversion campaigns. With our paid ads we reached 1,212,671 people and realized 4,156 website visits. Additionally, we placed 7 organic posts, reaching 6,922 people. 

On Pinterest we reached 724,265 people with 5 promoted pins that were liked or saved by over 18,000 people. The average CPC on Pinterest was €0.12 going as low as €0.6. The total costs for this campaign were €640. 

All in all, 33 hobby cooks, chef’s and cooking enthusiasts signed up for Hottest Chef in two weeks. TABASCO®’s parent company, McIlhenny Company, was very impressed with the results. They send our case as a success story in their newsletter to all their distributors around the world and the entire American team.



TABASCO® is part of the American family business McIlhenny Company. The spicy sauce is made with peppers and can be found in many American kitchens. There’s only one factory in the world where the TABASCO® sauce is made, it is in Avery Island in Louisiana and the recipe has been a well guarded family secret for over a century.