About us

On this website you can read a lot about our services, prices, cases and blogs. This tells you a lot about what we do, but not so much about who we are, what makes us different. That’s why it’s time to really get to know Goeiezaak.com, an agency that does things just a little different.


Our passion for growth & working together

We love growing and working together. You can see it in the work we do for and with our clients. We’ll build a personal connection with you. A good collaboration is built on mutual trust, and that goes beyond just business. We’ll take on a commitment to you and go all in for great results for your organisation. This gives us energy and allows us to grow.

The same goes within our team. Because we believe that personal growth is just as important as online growth. That’s why we give and receive trust to and from each other. We are honest to each other and have personal conversations aimed at our development. This way we help each other feel good and perform good, at the office and outside of it..

Who are we?

That’s a very good question. For starters, we’re 27 enthusiastic people (and an office dog/Happiness Manager: Bauke) that work together as a close knit team in a beautiful mansion in the heart of Haarlem. We’re all online specialists, but of course, we are much more than that. We are photographer, student, classicist,  pole dancer, festival fanatic, hockey player, volunteer (at the animal ambulance and the lifeguards) and much more.

We all have our own interests, hobbies and passions, but our strength lies in our differences. We don’t limit ourselves to our specialisations, but also get our inspiration form outside of it. And that can truly be anything, from Aristoteles to Transformers.

We’ve divided our work between two dedicated client teams: Team Turing and Team Moore, each with a balanced mix of specialists and a great selection of clients. Additionally our support team, Edison, helps tie everything together. In and outside of our teams we work together and regularly walk into each other’s rooms to ask questions or bounce ideas off of each other.

A second family

We’re all co-workers, but that’s not what it feels like. We’re actually closer to a kind of family. Just like in any good family we’re all different, with our own characters and interests, but we are there for each other when it counts. We are open and honest with each other. This is possible because we trust each other. This results in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, with room for gezelligheid, creativity and productivity: the perfect foundation for professional and personal success.

Our office in the heart of Haarlem

All of this takes place in a classical building in the heart of Haarlem. You can recognize our office by the prominent red Goeiezaak flag. Here we work, receive (potential) customers and have a good time together. Clients and ex-colleagues regularly drop by for Friday afternoon drinks to catch up with a beer in hand.

A good portion of time is spent around the ping pong table, where we like to have meetings and love to face off for a spectacular game of ping pong. Things may get tough, but always fair and on Friday we often end the week with a number of exciting matches around the table.